Upcoming Events

Medimed 17 - 19 October - Attending: Kathryn Bonnici

DMZ Docs 21 - 24 October - Attending: Donatien Pierda

Dok Leipzig 27 October - 2 November - Attending: Kathryn Bonnici

Miradadoc 4 - 6 November - Attending: Kathryn Bonnici

IDFA 22 - 26 November - Attending: Kathryn Bonnici, Donatien Pierda, Olivier Semmonay


Recent Awards

GMO OMG Best Film at Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival 2014; Best Documentary Film Award at EMA "Environmental Media Association" Awards 2014 (USA).

BIDDER 70 Best Documentary feature at Filmambiente Rio 2014

LIFE IN FLAMES Named Best Pitched Project at Sunnyside 2014

THE COCAINE ROUTE Best Documentary Feature Film (NYC International Film Festival 2014)

THE POLIO WAR Albert Londres Prize 2014

GLOBAL GAY Grand Prize of the World Organisation against Torture (FIFDH Geneva 2014)

7 DAYS IN KIGALI Prize of the Youth Jury for Creative Documentaries (FIFDH Geneva 2014)

GETTING TO THE NUTCRACKER Best Documentary Atlanta Film Festival 2014; Documentary Feature Audience Award at Dances With Films 2014 (West Hollywood, California); Award of Outstanding Direction in Film at Las Vegas Film Festival

I WILL BE MURDERED Special mention by the international jury of the New Filmmakers Competition section at Sao Paulo International Film Festival; Premio Coral (Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano) for best documentary about Latin America by a non latin-american director Best Director at FICCI in Colombia

SINCE I WAS BORN Primera Mención, Competencia Oficial Internacional de Mediometrajes (FICIP Argentina 2014)

EMPTYING THE SKIES 2013 Zelda Penzel Giving Voice To The Voiceless Award; 2014 Laurissilva Ambassador Award (Madeira Film Festival)

EREBUS: OPERATION OVERDUE Youth Jury Prize at Spotkania Zakopane Mountain Film Festival 2014; Best New zealand Feature, Best Directing, Best Editing & Best Cinematography at NZ Documentary Edge festival 2014 (Auckland & Wellington, NEW ZEALAND)

Forthcoming Festivals

ANGELS & DUST Beefeater In-Edit Festival (23 Oct - 2 Nov 2014, Barcelona, SPAIN)

BIDDER 70 FICMA, Barcelona Environmental Film Festival (6-13 Nov 2014, Barcelona, SPAIN)

GETTING TO THE NUTCRACKER Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival (6-10 Nov 2014, Palma de Mallorca, SPAIN)

GLOBAL GAY MICGénero (Mexico, 9 Sept - 9 Nov 2014); Florence Queer Festival (Florence, ITALY, 21 -27 Nov 2014); Amnesty Reel Awareness festival (Toronto, CANADA, 20-23 Nov)

IN SEARCH OF BIGFOOT Festival International du film d’aventures vécue (19-22 March 2015, Grenoble Nord, FRANCE)

LAST STOP PALESTINE DH Fest (Mexico, 1-5 Oct 2014), Amnesty Reel Awareness festival (Toronto, CANADA, 20-23 Nov)

MURGE, THE COLD WAR FRONT PriMed 2014, International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage (Marseille, FRANCE, 8-13 Dec 2014)

SINCE I WAS BORN Al Jazeera International Documentary Festival (Doha, QATAR, 23-26 Oct 2014)

SPEED: IN SEARCH OF LOST TIME One World Slovakia (20-25 Nov 2014, Bratislavia, SLOVAKIA)

THE NEW BLACK MICGénero (Mexico, 9 Sept - 9 Nov 2014)

THE RENEGADE Festival des Libertés (Bruxelles, BELGIUM, 16-23 Oct 2014) PriMed 2014, International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage (Marseille, FRANCE, 8-13 Dec 2014)

TRACKED DOWN: INVESTIGATING DIGITAL ARMS DEALERS PriMed 2014, International Festival of Mediterranean Documentary and Reportage (Marseille, FRANCE, 8-13 Dec 2014)

TRANSCENDING FEAR: THE STORY OF GAO ZHISHENG Amnesty Reel Awareness festival (Toronto, CANADA, 20-23 Nov)


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