Blood Coltan

The West’s demand for Coltan, used in mobile phones and computers, is funding the killings in Congo. Under the close watch of rebel militias, children as young as ten work the mines hunting for this black gold. ‘Blood Coltan’ exposes the web of powerful interests protecting this blood trade. Meet the powerful warlords who enslave local population and the European businessmen who continue importing Coltan, in defiance of the UN.

Film info
Production info

Year : 2007 / Duration : 52 min / Production : Tac Presse / Director : Patrick Forestier / Version available : Eng, Fr, Sp

Previous broadcasts include Canal +, 2M, RTBF, CFI, SRC, VRT, SVT, ZDF, SIC, RTS, TG4, NCRV, SEP, Deutsche Welle, Community Channel, Ayat Media, Al Jazeera Turk, RTTV, Al Jazeera and Canal Extremadura

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