Guns In Europe

Today in Europe police are confiscating more weapons than ever. Often these are used in drug trade and gang culture and even as territorial enforcement. But where are these guns coming from? Some are veritable weapons of war and are as illegal as the substances they are there to protect.

The police have noticed a trend, a majority of the weapons are Yugoslavian. We head there to find out where these guns are coming from, and how they are finding their way into circulation in Western Europe.

In Bosnia we learn that 20% of the population is in possession of illegal weapons and these are sold on cheaply to gangs in Europe. Bought at around 500 Euros a piece, these weapons are cheap and are even shipped to your door.

Our reporter tries it out herself by buying a Kalachnikov from an arms dealer in Bosnia. Hidden inside a regular holdall, will our weapon find its way to Paris as easily as the smugglers let on?

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PREVIOUS BROADCASTS INCLUDE M6, VRT, Press TV, Media Contents Store, Medi 1 Sat, SIC, TVP, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and Odisea

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