Dicing with death: Ladakh

Ladakh, the most northern state of India, situated at 5000 meters altitude, is one of the harshest environments in the world. It is connected to the rest of India by a perilous road that winds through the soaring mountains. This road is one of the highest and most dangerous in the world; here even the slightest mistake can be fatal. Adjay regularly takes this route with his mechanic Ali to deliver tar to the rest of India. They face icy and severely damaged roads, torrential rain, muddy traps and extreme fatigue several days a week for just 160 euros a month.

At these altitudes it is difficult to even catch your breath but a few are still here preserving their traditional way of life. The Changpa Nomads live a simple life, always on the move in search of food for their herds of yaks, sheep and goats. Unfortunately their numbers are depleting as younger family member leave the extreme conditions of the mountains to seek their fortune in the towns below.

Ladakh is also a very spiritual place with a majority of people following Tibetan Buddhism. We follow the journey of Buddhist monk Tenzin as he walks 3000km to get back to his Monastery surviving on the hospitality of villagers along the way.

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