2012: The end of the world

The end of the world is nigh. According to an old Mayan prophecy we can even be very precise as to when: 21st December 2012. More and more people are starting to think there may be something the ancient prediction as natural and man-made disasters ravage the planet and society. From the earthquakes and tsunamis to the riots and the financial crisis, you would be forgiven for thinking something strange is going on.

But don’t fret just yet, there is one place that is safe: the small French village of Bugarach. We meet those who are flocking to this tiny mountain community. In the USA some people are scared but others are prepared. Some are building underground bolt holes stocked with enough basics to keep their families going for years. Others are stockpiling weapons and equipment in their homes. Some people though see this situation as a business opportunity. From freeze dried food supplies to an entirely underground hotel there is money to be made from the coming apocalypse.

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YEAR: 2012 / DURATION: 60 MINS/ DIRECTOR: Hervé Bouchaud/ PRODUCTION: Sable Rouge