Detroit: The Bankruptcy of a Symbol

Detroit was once a symbol and a capital: a symbol of the American Dream, and the capital of the car industry. Ford, Chrysler and General Motors drew the key lines of a city which was devoted to them. Yet, in half a century, it has declined from a capital to a ghost town. The car industry faltered, thousands lost their jobs, people left in droves and hope started to die. The empty spaces keep on growing and the town is vanishing.

Motor City, the former American symbol of free market and industry, became the symbol of a United States in crisis. This film tells the story of a bankrupt city and those who are valiantly trying to bring it back to life

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YEAR: 2011 / DURATION: 52 MINS/ DIRECTOR: Thierry Derouet/ PRODUCTION: Bonobo Productions


Previous broadcasts include RTP, Press TV, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and Medi 1 Sat

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