Flight Paths

Following in the paths of legendary aviators and piloting a small vintage plane, ’pilot-reporter’ Vincent Nguyen takes us on an unforgettable journey across Europe.

This quest will be a global adventure for the viewer and a tough challenge for the pilot. The routes chosen invoke the spirit of adventure and the liberty of the heroes who originally flew them. It will be a journey of discovery as we learn about the countries through meetings with a diverse group of people whilst seeing some of the most stunning locations in the world from above. From Toulouse, France to the gates of the Sahara desert in Morocco. Across Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium and the UK to Iceland. A real voyage of discovery.

Made for ARTE.

Episodes include:

1 From Toulouse to Barcelona

2 Barcelona

3 From Alicante to El Ejido

4 From Sierra Nevada to Malaga

5 Gibraltar

6 Tangier

7 From Moulay Bousselham to Rabat

8 Casablanca

9 From Safi to Guelmim

10 From Cape Juby to Dakhla

11 Scotland - The Highlands

12 Scotland - The Hebrides

13 Switzerland - From Valais to Vaud

14 Switzerland - From Neuchatel to Fribourg

15 Italy - Lombardy

16 Italy - The Veneto Region

17 Italy - Emilia Romagna

18 Italy - Tuscany

19 Iceland - The Land of Ice and Fire

20 Iceland - The Arctic Circle

21 Germany - The Harz

22 Germany - The Ruhr

23 England - From Winchester to the Isle of Wight

24 England - Sussex

25 Belgium - Flanders

26 Best of

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