Europe’s Lost Millions

This film is a journey into a peculiar world: the EU. A world with its own customs and secrets. A world where the power of the annual 150 billions euros budget has seemingly created mysterious lands which defy normal laws and where money has no limits for those who know how to approach it correctly.

Take the Danish island of Bornholm. It never snows there but that hasn’t stopped one farmer from making money out of a man-made ski slope on his land. He was able to acquire a 200,000 euros grant from the EU to make his pipe dream a reality. And then there’s the motorway of Calabre. Half a million euros of European funding were put towards its renovation despite the fact that the Mafia were known to control building works in this area and have, predictably, made millions from the project.

Over a few months, Pierre-Emmanuel Luneau-Daurignac and Olivier Toscer ploughed through the European continent. They bring back four stories from their travels that illustrate – sometimes in shocking terms - the dysfunctional nature of the allocation of EU funds.

From Denmark to the South of Italy, stopping off in Normandy and Berlin, we hear from the people at the top of the European pyramid.

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YEAR: 2011 / DURATION: 52 MINS / DIRECTORs: Pierre-Emmanuel Luneau-Daurignac and Olivier Toscer / PRODUCTION: Premières Lignes / AVAILABLE VERSIONS: FRENCH

English script available

PREVIOUS BROADCASTS INCLUDE ARTE, Medi 1 Sat, VRT, TVP, SIC, ORF, Press TV, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and Kanal Global