Serial Killers: Bernard Giles

The seventies seemed like an uncomplicated time of hippies and peace and love. Murders were rarely heard of, hitch hiking was common practice and seemingly risk free. Until a certain man took note of this, seeing these young girls as easy victims.

To everyone who knew him, Bernard Giles seemed like a caring, friendly family man. But he repeatedly picking up female hitchhikers, driving them to the same wooded area and shooting them. Why?

We speak to Bernard Giles and his friends and acquaintances to see if there were any telling signs that might have pointed to his true nature. We also meet the victim who managed to escape and who finally reported Giles to the police.

Other episodes include ’Robert Spahalski’ and ’Michael Tenneson’.

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YEAR: 2011 / DURATION: 55 MINS / DIRECTOR: David CALVET / PRODUCTION: Patrick Spica Productions / Country of Production: France/ AVAILABLE VERSIONS: ENGlish, FRench