The Rainmakers’ Empire

Those who dare to climb the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda are greeted by a scene straight out of a science fiction movie. Extreme climatic conditions have created a surreal world, with plants that break all usual dimensions: giant bamboo forests, huge fern trees, strange plants. Mammals such as leopards, giraffes, elephants or red forest antelopes roam freely in the forest, with countless monkeys and birds causing ruckus above their heads.

We follow a group of young villagers who live at the foot of the Rwenzori mountains.Brothers Makumbi and Musa are facing a major challenge: for the first time since their training, they must guide a group of foreigners up the mountains. Will everything run smoothly? A glimpse at an unknown, disappearing world.

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Available in HD

Selected for Bergsichten Festival 2012.

Previous broadcasts include ARTE and Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

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