The Revolution Against Nuclear Power

Fukushima changed the way we regard nuclear power.

On March 12th 2011, reactor one at the Fukushima plant exploded and so began one of the biggest radioactive disasters in history. It was claimed the plant was equipped to withstand natural disasters with backup generators to ensure the uranium would never be able to overheat. However this was not the case and after an earthquake and a subsequent tsunami, things started to go disastrously wrong.

The disaster was surrounded by a web of secrets and lies hiding the severity of the situation that was critical from the start. Why did it take so long for the authorities to be informed and why wasn’t the warning issued sooner? We investigate the disaster from start to finish and examine how the Japanese government and more importantly the security company in charge of the plant, Tepco, handled the situation. As other countries were left in disbelief at the seeming lethargy to take action, the people surrounding the firm are still largely unaware of the extent of the disaster.

We investigate other important radioactive disasters notably the one that hit Chernobyl in 1986 and the political disputes surrounding the constructions of these plants notably in France. An insight into the once miraculous and idealistic “power of the atom” and what can happen when things go wrong.

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