Jerusalem: a city in conflict

Away from the Gaza strip, another conflict rages in Israel, between the Israelis themselves, as the religious and secular parts of the population jostle for dominance. Jerusalem, the country’s most religious city, is at the crux of this conflict.

Israel is a democratic, secular state, but some ultra Orthodox Jews in Jersusalem are doing everything they can to combat this. On 56 of the city’s bus routes, women are now forced to sit or stand at the back of the buses; failure to do so can result in violence. Even the simple act of wearing a pair of trousers can result in a woman being thrown off the bus. Religious propaganda pressurizes women to dress modestly, and commercial advertising is torn from the walls. Non-religious literature is boycotted by the book stores, men and women must form separate queues in the shops, and on Shabbat, extremists prowl the streets to stop anyone still working after sun down.

What does the future hold for this troubled city? As many young, secular Israelis head to Tel Avis and Haifa, will Jerusalem become an ultra-Orthodox stranglehold?

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YEAR : 2010 / DURATION : 26 MIN / PRODUCTION : Ligne de Mire/ DIRECTOR : Caroline Benarrosh / VERSION AVAILABLE :FRENCH

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