The Race for Uranium

Uranium, used to provide nuclear energy, has become one of the most coveted materials in the world. It’s a resource that will become even more valuable in the future, with plans to build another 250 nuclear power stations by 2050. In this exclusive documentary, made by acclaimed director Patrick Forestier for Canal +, we report on the struggle to secure Africa’s Uranium. For the first time, cameras were allowed inside Congo’s Shinkolobwe mine, which provided the uranium for the atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Filmed also in Niger, we expose the secret deals and trace the illegal traffic in Africa’s Uranium.

Film info
Production info

YEAR: 2009 / DURATION: 52 MINS / PRODUCTION: Tac Presse/ Special Investigation/Canal + DIRECTOR Patrick Forestier AVAILABLE: Eng/French

Previous Broadcast include RTP, Acht TV, Pramer, SRC, TVE and Al Jazeera Turk

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