This is the story of a spectacular case of robbery that is changing the art world. An iconic temple statue, looted during the chaos of the Cambodian civil war, turns up in Sotheby’s auction catalogue 40 years later - with a price tag of three million dollars. But New York’s attorneys intervene.. In this investigative thriller, we retrace the (...) see more
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Since the Syrian Civil War began in 2011, half the population has sought refuge from this devastated country. Desperate for peace and to return home; their (...) see more
This is the unknown story of a century of Arab feminism. Filmed in Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia and featuring previously unreleased archives and (...) see more
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In December 2014 ISIS militants managed to completely surrounded the town of Sinjar in Iraq. The Yedezi Kurdish residents of the mountain town which lies (...) see more
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