Why is it that St Patrick’s Day is the only national holiday that is celebrated in almost every country across the world? Why can Irish pubs be found from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe? It seems that nearly everybody on the planet has some sort of a connection to Ireland. It’s not because of the alcohol (although it’s a factor for sure). It’s not (...) see more
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American mulitnational, Cargill, trades in food commodities. They purchase, trade and distribute all of the basic ingredients on our plate - from meat to (...) see more
At a time when jobs in the tech sector are outpacing growth in all other sectors, where are all the women? Some of the most important pioneer coders were (...) see more
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Every year in Pakistan thousands of children go missing or are abandoned on the streets of Karachi. Many of these children are found dead in the streets (...) see more
The Syrian city of Rakka is strictly controlled by ISIS, leaving its people living in fear and with little freedom. But some of its residents regularly (...) see more