Crowdfunding is perhaps the most significant social development of the past decades. It democratizes culture, innovation, and the way we do business. With insights from renowned crowdfunding experts – like designer Scott Thomas (Design Director Pres. Obama) and best selling author Seth Godin (The Icarus Deception) – CAPITAL C is the first (...) see more
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Documentary Highlights
European law forbids commercial surrogacy which has led to many couples travelling to the other side of the globe so they can fulfill their dream of (...) see more
Featuring exclusive covert footage, shot by an activist cell inside the so called Islamic State, this Channel 4 Dispatches special exposes the brutal (...) see more
Reports Highlights
Ten years after being convicted for having sexual relations with a minor, Carole, a former teacher is still paying for her crime. In the USA, there is (...) see more
For 25 years, he murdered those the Quebec Mafia wanted to disappear. Gerald Gallant was a contract killer who went undetected for many years. Since his (...) see more